Sonntag, 12. September 2010

Links a la Mode

A La Modest - Reintroducing the morality within green ethical fashion
Bachman’s Sparrow - What better way to greet the new season than a beautiful, one-of-a-kind statement necklace?
Beyond Fabric - Enhancing your image: posture and body image.
Boheme Noir - Ten ways to style the classic Chanel jacket young & fabulous.
Fabulous Finds Girl - Ann Wiberg creates future vintage by recycling materials with Trash-Couture.
Fashezine - Inspired by the sensuality of Joan, the determination of Peggy, and Betty Draper’s elegance, a girl goes mad for Mad Men.
Fashion Limbo - Brand Love or I Want What She’s Wearing – How brands fail to get me and what/who truly inspire me
Grit and Glamour - Staying true to you when dressing for dress code.
Hello beauty! - Review and makeup lesson video with the NARS Fall 2010 Collection with NARS National Makeup Stylist Janice Daoud
Intrinsically Florrie - Exploring the historic city of Bath in style.
Manda Bear - Fall Outwear Finds, Beauty Goodies and other Treasures.
Mis Papelicos - A first Ebay buy and what to look for when shopping online.
Oranges and Apples - A vintage wedding dress on a budget, plus some ideas for styling it.
Poetic and Chic - In which I spot the most beautiful pair of Louboutins and get inspired.
Pull your socks up! - What do you do with an inherited, precious and much-coveted family heirloom?
Retro Chick - Retro Style for Autumn: Lena Hoschek Autumn Winter 2010
Seven Deadly Cyns - Death by Cosmetics- the dangers of harmful ingredients in our beauty products and what you should look out for.
The Coveted - What to Wear to NYFW
The New Professional - How high is too high for heels in the office?
Wit & Whimsy - Designer on the Rise: Whitney Pozgay


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Hi Jenny!

I am loving this! The pictures are beautiful and the clothes are fabulouso!
thanks for the comment on mine - cant believe i havent found your blog before! Gona put a link between my blog and yours!


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