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Top 10 Picks: Salvatore Ferragamo Man F/W 11/12

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Picture source: Ferragamo Press

How do you like the revival of hats? Which look is your favourite?

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gothified hat gesagt…

I don't think that hats will have a big comeback on the streets. They are still considered as "grandpa stuff" and also can't really be worn with more casual clothes..

Plami hat gesagt…

Great pics!!! <3

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Dress Code: High Fashion hat gesagt…

@gothified: true - a hat needs a suit. I wish people dressed up more to be able to pull off hats (& other cool accessories)...

Veshoevius hat gesagt…

Don't know about the hats but I really like this menswear collection - this is a man's man collection! Too often I find menswear collections are the sort of thing that look good only on skinny prepubescent boys (oh wait womenswear collections are like that too...)

Dress Code: High Fashion hat gesagt…

Haha, you nailed it Veshoevius! I instantly remembered the Dsquared jeans that were so low-waist that the hardly covered the genitals...

Geriee the Glamazon hat gesagt…

There's something sexy about a guy in a fitted jacket!!

love it!

My Passport to Style hat gesagt…

Hi loving the purple and camel such a sophisticated palette for men!

TNT Tauna hat gesagt…

LOVE the all red outfit! Very sharp. Thanks for sharing these!

Unknown hat gesagt…

2 and 10 my favourites!

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