Freitag, 21. Januar 2011

Fashion Show Coverage: Vivienne Westwood Men F/W 11/12

My invitation

The show had the coolest audience, which wore plenty of Westwood, of course.

Model Isaac Carew speaking on his phone outside the venue.

The venue: Museo della Permanente

Raising awareness for climate change: CLIMATE CHANGE IS NOT AN ILLUSION

Placed on all seats: an invitation to dream.

The venue filling up. In the first row (as in all other shows): GQ Style Tokyo and asian buyers.

Picture sources: My own pictures

This is one of my favourite collections of the season! Seriously wearable menswear with references to several trends and decades of british fashion: Glencheck, Tartan, 90s, Hooligan references, College Blousons, Sailor Jackets and traditional quilted jackets styled to 1920/30s Dandy hair and lipstick! This accentuation of the female side is what Vivienne Westwood writes in her invitation: "...young intellectuals. All ready for life + love + responsibility." This is the style for the modern, young men who merges masculinity, feminity, tradition, modernity, fun AND responsibility to a contemporary manhood. A re-definition of the male gender-role was overdue for long - I love the modern & versatile approach of Lady Westwood!

I`m in love with the new Vivienne Westwood Man!

What do you think?

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Sheyla hat gesagt…

Fabulous collection!! And I love your outfit!

Ginger hat gesagt…

I love Vivienne Westwood.
Most websites just show the catwalk looks. It's great to see behind the scenes and the inspiration. And I love to see the invites.

The Queen of Mambo hat gesagt…

Can i go with u?? i ll buy a ticket now lol
Hope you had great time!


Laura Connell hat gesagt…

Wow, girl, you must be seriously exhausted after all this runway! And exhilarated of course. I'm afraid I don't like this collection. I like timeless and tailored menswear and I certainly don't like lipstick and flapper hair waves on men!

Heather Fonseca hat gesagt…

I love everything about the collection but the lipstick. It's so cool that you're going to all these shows. I hope to see more. Love the photos you took.


poet hat gesagt…

Yes indeed, totally wearable! The lipstick is a fun twist and it actually looks good on these guys. But then, I'm all for gender-bending anyways...


Dress Code: High Fashion hat gesagt…

@Poet: I don`t perceive the looks as gender-"bending", rather as gender-role-modificating; modern men, that intregrate their feminine side without losing their masuculinity!

I`m currently Edgar Allan Poe`s horror stories - they are all about men surpressing the feminine side, which leads to fatal consequences.

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