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Top 10 Picks: Roberto Cavalli F/W 11/12

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Pictures: © Roberto Cavalli

When has a designer understood women?

He has understood us when his clothes have 'universal femininity'; when his fashion works on women age 15 to 65, in sizes XS to XL and his cuts correspond to the female shape (meaning he emphasizes what is beautiful on us and helps us cover the 'difficult areas').
We want to feel soft, luxurious fabrics like silk or velvet on our skin, which make us feel sensual and sexy but they need to come in classy, covering cuts that still provide enough 'safety'.
A silk dress in a classic cut is a perfect example; it shows your 'the wild side' but you`re still in control and able to decide how flirty you want to get or how much strenght (or vulnerability) you display (unlike a leather mini skirt f.e. which puts the 'sex object' stamp on your forehead and therefore deprives you of social control).
To sum it up: the perfect, feminine fashion works on all women, makes us feel good & comfortable and is versatile enough to work day to night.
Roberto Cavalli has understood all of that.

I love this luxurious, classy hippie collection. The dark colours and prints on black add mystery and sensuality. The cuts are fitted but flowing, feminine and flattering and even though it`s luxury, the look is cool & effortless. These are truely wearable day to night outfits that women feel comfortable & confident in - I would wear ALL of them!

What do you like best about Roberto Cavalli F/W 11/12?
The brocade and leopard prints? The print mix? The luxurious fabrics? The breathtaking loafer-pumps? The contrasting golden ornaments? The python leather? The versatility of the looks or the leather jackets that add a cool twist?

4 Kommentare:

Heather Fonseca hat gesagt…

I love the whole thing! I'm telling you, all these photos you post just make me wish I could afford better clothes. They're gorgeous. And I love everything about the collection. It's the combination of all the elements, colors, textures, and proportions that make it all so fabulous.

Stephanie hat gesagt…

Love the first two looks!

TNT Tauna hat gesagt…

I love the fabrics. I love the color scheme and patterns. I've been trying to mix bohemian with darker colors for awhile but I think Robert Cavalli nailed it!

out of order hat gesagt…

ooh I LOVE the second, amazing maxi dress with a leather bomber :)


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