Samstag, 28. April 2012

White For All Occasions S/S 12

White is THE eternal classic of summer. There is no spring / summer season without the colour of purity. Here is how it is worn in S/S 12.

1 - day business
Business & Work
Left to right: costume: Alexander McQueen, watch: Salvatore Ferragamo, bag: Roberto Cavalli, wallet, belt & bag: Alexander McQueen, trenchcoat: Jean Paul Gaultier.

2 - day suits
Suits for Business & Work
Left to right: Giles, Joop Collection, Ralph Lauren Collection.

3 - day casual
Daytime & Casual
Left & middle: Ralph Lauren Collection, right: Jean Paul Gaultier, bag & belt: Alexander McQueen.

4 - hippie
Hippie & Boho
Dresses: Vivienne Westwood Gold Label, jewelery: Jean Paul Gaultier.

5 - lace
Romantic Lace
Left: Elie Saab, jewelery: Jean Paul Gaultier, boots: Ralph Lauren Collection, right dress: Erdem.

6 - evening gowns
Left: Alexander McQueen, right: Ralph Lauren Collection.

7 - evening gowns2
Gowns & Purses / Clutches
Gowns: Ralph Lauren Collection, bags: Alexander McQueen.

8 - glamour2
Glamorous Evening
Left: Elie Saab, box clutches: Alexander McQueen, right: Ralph Lauren Collection.

9 - sheer fantasies
Sheer Fantasies
Left: Jean Paul Gaultier, right: John Galliano

Pictures are property of the respective brands.

All looks styled by Jenny.

Which looks are your favourites? How are you wearing white this summer?

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WorthyStyle hat gesagt…

I love the McQ, Elie Saab and Erdem pieces!!

GiuliRose hat gesagt…

very nice blog and post..I LOVE McQueen's Clutches! :)
you send me a message on IFB so I passed here ;)
I follow you on bloglovin and twitter..I hope you will leave a comment and will follow me too :)

xxx from Italy

Brigid hat gesagt…

I loved the Alexander McQueen gown! The ruffled ollar is so perfect!

Heather Fonseca hat gesagt…

I love white for summer! I have a bunch of all white ideas. Love your post.

Lauren@Styleseer hat gesagt…

It's hard to beat the elegance of an all white outfit. I'm a big fan of white pantsuits and also a simple white dress like the Erden lace shift here.

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