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Burberry S/S 11 show coverage: fashion, celebs & models

Invitation to Burberry`s spring/summer 2011 show at Chelsea College London, september 21st 2010.

My outfit

The venue

Alexa Chung wearing Burberry

Sarah Jessica Parker wearing Burberry + Alexander McQueen bag

Poppy Delevigne wearing Burberry

Donna Air wearing Burberry

Mario Testino, who was the most charismatic & cool of all.

Anna and Ellie Wintour

Look! It`s your favourite blogger! :) (in front: the band The Cheek)

Stylish women at the event

Inside the venue - before the show

The seats of Jacquetta Wheeler and Erin O`Connor

Front row

View from my seat in row 4

Show finale

My view - oh these MEN with their pink cell-phones! *grr*

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld and Jacquetta Wheeler after the show

Burberry model Thomas Penfound (in his own clothes) after the show

Burberry Retail Theatre: the show was shown live at 25 flagship stores worldwide, among them Bond Street / London, St. Germain / Paris, Berlin / Germany, Venice, Milan & Rome / Italy.
It was also broadcasted live on

Remember that you can still order the runway collection until september 28th from,,,,

Who`s outfit do you like best? Where did you watch the show?

Picture sources: My own photos, Burberry press service and

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Veshoevius hat gesagt…

Awesome shots - wish I could have seen this show :( - the live stream looked amazing and so happy the biker jacket is coming back in a big studded way!!

Dress Code: High Fashion hat gesagt…

I`ll post the full collection tomorrow!

I`m even more happy about the SILVER SNAKESKIN TRENCOAT *DROOOOL* and the studded trenchcoats - they totally knocked me off the hook! Especially the one who is only studded in the back of the collar - so elegant but wild at the same time *LOVE LOVE LOVE*.

Not Specified hat gesagt…

These photos are amazing! I'm so jealous, wish I had been there..
and your outfit looks really stunning :)
(I think I have either those, or very similar bracelets, haha! Love them, wear them all the time)

Christina hat gesagt…

Wow, Looks like a great show! And row four! Lucky you :) xxx

Unknown hat gesagt…

Hi Jenny I wrote you yesterday but I do not know if you've read.
Thank you very much for sharing this with everyone. It is fortunate to be in the fashion show. What fun to see you in the distance. Great photos!
Burberry is clasic, but at the same time modern, definetly a fashion icon firm, I love it!
Congratulations :)

Monique hat gesagt…

Alexa Chung is so beautiful <3

threesmallapples hat gesagt…

I love your black with white trim bolero. I'm jealous!


Heather Fonseca hat gesagt…

WOW! What fun. Love your shots of the "front row"

Julia hat gesagt…

Thank you for sharing these, must have been amazing to be there in the flesh!
Loved your outfit, very chich

Anonym hat gesagt…

wow- thank you for sharing this amazing coverage with us .

do feel free to check out 'betsie' at:

Katrya Kyla hat gesagt…

I'm seriously loving Burberry these days. Christopher Bailey, and Angela Ahrendts are just AMAZING. Initially, I'd be insanely jealous that you got to watch the show, but I'm just really happy for you!

Laura Connell hat gesagt…

Thank you for this post! You gave us a birds-eye view from beginning to end of what it's like to attend a Burberry showcase. Loved it!

Leather Skirts hat gesagt…

I`m even more happy about the SILVER SNAKESKIN TRENCOAT *DROOOOL* and the studded trenchcoats - they totally knocked me off the hook

Kokoalg hat gesagt…

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It makes me remember this link : dress It has almost refer the same source of mode and fashion style.
France is truly the country of fashion, as the center point of world fashion setter. Good luck burberry.

Mimi hat gesagt…

That was an excellent show! your coverage is great!

I love the look of the girl in the picture following the photo of the band The Cheek.

CatCat hat gesagt…
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