Donnerstag, 18. November 2010

Joop! Collection Women S/S 11


Self-confidence, a secure sense of style, sex appeal and modernity - these are the underlying themes for womenswear. With the new looks for the spring/summer 2011 season, the JOOP! woman is able to live out and display all the facets of her style and femininity in full. The stylistic spectrum ranges from decidedly feminine aspects to urban yet relaxed looks topped off by lascivious/dreamy elements. The focus is on the mutual attraction of opposites. The specifically contrary links between feminine details and casual outfits create a particular appeal and deliberately seek to convey a sense of tension.


A light summertime look, a natural appeal and bold contrasts are the main theme here. The juxtaposition of femininity and precise tailoring finds its expression in the interplay of sharp crisp
materials and soft fine images. Summer wool, cotton/elasthan gabadine and linen structures are contrasted with cotton piqués, shimmering taffeta, fine silk batistes and pleated silk crêpes.


Multi-layered and perfectly harmonised colours highlight the individual message of the collection. The first theme uses light neutrals and deep hues of grey with a touch of purple as the base colours.
In the second group, tobacco brown and a dark ocean blue conjure up a deep and mysterious aura. This base is supplemented with elegant summer neutrals such as Cabana and Champagna. They are combined with strong luminescent blue and green hues as highlights.
The reflecting light of a summer afternoon inspires the range of colours in the final delivery. Light sandy shadings are supplemented with delicate powdery pastels, joined by brown nut tones and cool pistachio green. Oceano remains relevant as a base colour and a variation of classic black.






I love the nude & powder colours and the retro-modernity of the elegant cuts.

What are your favourite looks & accessories from Joop! S/S 11?

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Veshoevius hat gesagt…

Now there is a label that has slipped off my radar over the years. The BF has a coat by JOOP which he bought years ago and its still going strong. I had no idea they did womenswear. My favourite is the suit and the leather skirt and vest.

Patricia hat gesagt…

I love them all, very sexy and fem!

Maya • Fashion Illustration blog hat gesagt…

pretty great, ha? I always considered Yoop such midrange, but these are just as good as Hugo Boss!


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Unknown hat gesagt…

Am totally in lust with the last image.

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