Sonntag, 28. November 2010

Retrospective: Chanel Paris Shanghai Cruise Collection 2010 Video

I love how the retro-inspired clothes fit the modernity of Shanghai perfectly. I also love the military elements and the classic, low-key lady-like make-up!

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Sheyla hat gesagt…

I love it!! The super long earrings, the dragon brooch details and the sequin cross-body bag that looked like take out. It's amazing!!

Kaylyn hat gesagt…

Gaaaah! I'm telling you if I could, I'd have a separate closet in my house just for Chanel. To die for!

Love & Labels

Lenne hat gesagt…

Thanks for sharing! Love it.

Susu Paris Chic hat gesagt…

Chanel just has it. I love taking sneak peaks at their lovable Paris windows... it has been too long I last went... gave me a good idea lovely you!

Marzio Martel hat gesagt…



Take a look on

Maya • Fashion Illustration blog hat gesagt…

Hehehee... I completely agree with Kaylyn. and would't it be great! :-)


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Monique hat gesagt…

love that, love retro-inspired clothes too

Unknown hat gesagt…

nice spread ;]

Mia xoxo

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