Samstag, 12. März 2011

Video: Tom Ford S/S 11

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Maya • Fashion Illustration blog hat gesagt…

Ooooh, Idon't know... at first I was annoyed with the super secret s*** but now I see it and the intimate venue is so much coolesr than the mass fashion shows that are so usual these days.
The video looks wonderful though :-)


Aquila hat gesagt…

So glamorous! I love the backless gray dress, and of course Beyonce's looked amazing on her. Tom Ford is a genius!


Allie hat gesagt…

I absolutely love Tom Ford! His designs are so classy. Thanks for putting the video up.

Unknown hat gesagt…

I love IT. The perfect show!!
I like to see diferent type of woman.!

Dress Code: High Fashion hat gesagt…

@Pachi: indeed! Tom chose exquisite models! So much character & coolness. These women rock!

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