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Fashion Show Coverage: Roberto Cavalli Men S/S 12 (june 18th 2011)

1 - invitation
The stylish blue-black invitation.

3 - venue2
The venue was the garden of Palazzo Serbelloni,

4 - venue4
which hosted the round runway. The atmosphere was relaxed, chic and exclusive with light Jazz music playing and drinks being passed around.

5 - cavalli
Roberto Cavalli having a chat before the show.

6 - cavalli-eva
Eva Cavalli looking elegant and chic in a black suit.

7 - cavalli-daniele
Daniele Cavalli, Roberto`s & Eva`s handsome twenty-five-year-old son who is now chief menswear designer and debuted with a fabulous S/S 12 collection.

8 - anna-dello-russo-after
The lovely Anna Dello Russo, who I was lucky enough to stand close to.

9 - cavalli-menkes
Suzy Menkes and Roberto Cavalli.

9a - models
Models before the show.

9b - runway
Jon Kortajarena opened the show

9f - runway6

9g - runway8

9h - runway9

9i - runway9a

9j - runway9b

9k - runway9c

9m - runway9e

9n - runway9i

9o - guests
The show had the best-dressed guests.

Top 10 Picks 1
Roberto Cavalli evolves the elegance and tailoring of the last collection, freeing the man from the rigour of Winter and dressing him with the freshness and positivity of Summer. 2
"... The freedom to be, to do, to want, to dream and to create, captured in a moment that I love to call 'Riviera': sea, cheerfulness, happiness, colour ... a relaxed and groovy state of mind ... A perfect place to encounter different cultures and to compare different thoughts, different styles: this is the inspiration of my collection ... " says Roberto Cavalli. 3
The jacket is rigorously cut with a close-fitting back, a narrow front with generously proportioned, embroidered lapels. 4
Italian tailoring is enriched with colour, embroidered thread and embellishments. 5
Leather is the protagonist for much of the collection: American inspiration for blazers and jackets made in suede and python with precious tassles, paired with denim and linen in bright, bold colours. 6
The casual tuxedo suits are illuminated with sashes of embroidered silk.
The silhouette enhances the long line of the body. 7
The loafers are made from an intricate woven leather with python detailing, characterised by handmade finishing and assembly; an expression of pure Florentine artisanship. 8
The pants harmoniously follow the line of the leg. 9
Authentic masculine tailoring fabrics, such as mohair, grain de poudre and linen/silk, are interpreted through the use of colour and specialised weaving techniques.

top 99
Prints are present as all-over micro-designs, vertical graphics and photographic reinterpretations of specialised leather processing from the archives of Cavalli.

Picture sources: My own pictures + Cavalli Press

This is my absolutly favourite collection of S/S 12! Everything was perfect; the location, the show, the models, the atmosphere and the collection itself of course :) Combining the glamour of old Jetset with refined, italian design and luxurious fabrics. I love the confidence and the elegance of the looks.

How do you like the collection?

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Heather Fonseca hat gesagt…

I want your life. That looked like a blast.

I like to collection but I don't think anyone in L.A. would wear it, too formal. This is such a casual city! It's kind of a shame but there you have it.

Keep up the great work! I'm really enjoying your coverage.


Unknown hat gesagt…

This is a great collection! I love every single piece and it all screams elegance! :)

The Foolish Aesthete hat gesagt…

Amazing colors on menswear! And lucky you got to stand next to ADR :-)

Joy hat gesagt…

Wow, Jenny. Great photos. I love the collection and the fab venue, too. Thanks for sharing :)
Joy x

Indian Pharmacy hat gesagt…

wow what a great post, I love the collection, it looks amazing, thank you so much for sharing with us..

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