Donnerstag, 26. April 2012

Just Cavalli Jewelery S/S 12

1 circular snake
Circular Snake

The snake, an iconic symbol of the Cavalli Maison, is the distinctive feature of the collection. Sinuous circles embrace the emblem of the serpent.

2 circular snake2a
Circular Snake Gold

3 drops

The aesthetic of this collection is encapsulated in its name: sinuous and winding shapes, drop-shaped and crafted with a python effect enclosing the Just Cavalli monogram. The jewelry is made of silver PVD and encircles the logo made from yellow gold PVD.

4 oasi

Hoops and rings of different sizes that meet, embrace and draw close, characterized by a zebra animalier print effect. The addition of small crystals give light to the 'Oasis' collection, characterized by elegant geometries.

5 animal

The Just Cavalli creativity is expressed in this interpretation of one of the most important inspirations of the designer: the animal world. The decorations in colored crystal in dégradé shades make each pendant a true accessory.

Pictures are property of Just Cavalli.

Which line & pieces are your favourite?

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Lotus Blossom Design hat gesagt…

beautiful pieces! xo

Lily hat gesagt…

I love the sea animals and their cute!so pretty!

Unknown hat gesagt…

These are all so pretty! <3 Following!
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