Mittwoch, 17. November 2010

Joop! Collection Men S/S 11


The collection is characterised by masculine sex appeal, a strong sense of style, clear lines, and perfect fits. To create this message, skilfully fitted sports jackets and suits with slim silhouettes, exhibiting elegant cuts, wide pocket flaps, elevated waistline and pockets, take centre stage. Sartorial details and features emphasise the premium quality of the deconstructed jacket and suit types. In the area of evening wear, dinner jackets with white mirror silk lapels radiate glamour and confident extravagance. Slim silhouettes and carefully worked out details inspired by authentic uniforms characterise the jacket and coat variations.


The used materials range from summery, light materials over classic wool to compact, masculine trench coat weaves and double faced qualities. Traditional cotton blends and cotton weaves displaying a wool mélange look are found side by side, showing a modern combination of the different aspects of the materials. High-quality performance and shape-memory fabrics stand in contrast to markedly natural fabric qualities and finishes.


A dark, masculine base colour tonality, made up of midnight blue, deep brown and anthracite, weaves its way through the entire collection. Camel, sand, shades of mineral grey as well as graphic white form an additional signature feature. In the rhythm of the collection, this neutral basis gradually develops into a new, summery harmony, with modern, summery accents such as dynamic red, fir green, legion blue, and frosty berry shades.

Men`s Bags

I love how this collection is young & classic at once. I`m also loving the sophisticated green and the yuppie-ish round glasses!

What are your favourite looks & accessories from Joop! Men S/S 11?

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Patricia hat gesagt…

Beautiful! Very sophisticated!

Anonym hat gesagt…

This collection is amazing!


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