Freitag, 19. November 2010

The (re-worked) Lanvin for H&M Show in New York

Why did Alber Elbaz re-work the collection for the show?
Is what we`re getting in the stores next week "not good enough"???

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Veshoevius hat gesagt…

Maybe he just means how he accessorised it? Hope so because the dresses here look fabulous! I so didn't want to get drawn into wanting to know about it as the scrum to queue and buy the stuff is just going to be awful and put me right off but have to say I'm really impressed.
And is that Anna Dello Russo in the pink dress with the poodle?

Dress Code: High Fashion hat gesagt…

Yes, it`s Anna :)

Another thing that bugs me since viewing this video is realizing that the clothes will be VERY HARD TO PULL-OFF for every women that is not a model size zero! Such voluminous clothes and shapes only work on models...all of us normal women will look like huge cupcakes...

Patricia hat gesagt…

I think he means accessorised too maybe.

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