Montag, 24. Januar 2011

Fashion Show Coverage: Etro Men F/W 11/12

Etro definitly had the funniest and most creative invitation this season.

A cow-printed box making cow-sounds, matching the Tyrolean, cow and leather themes of the collection.

The location was Palazzo Del Ghiaccio, decorated in warm tones of orange and purple Paisley.

The white seats and the all-white dressed stuff added freshness and positivity to the atmosphere.

My outfit: navy blazer, emerald pussy-bow blouse, black silk skirt and peacock-feather hairband.

My seat in row 4.

The venue filling up before experiencing a lively, dynamic and fun show, featuring music of Falco and Kraftwerk.


The collection features mountain hues of sky, land and snow, from the Royal Blue of Messner`s peaks to the creamy white of a six a.m. milking.
The natural mantle of cow hide becomes a motif that is carefully applied to highlight the silouettes and shapes of jackets and trousers; what remains is interpreted in a respectful, attentive way in patches, edging, martingales, collars and applications that enhance jackets, coats and blousons.


Earthy wools in greens and browns are soft and teasled. They are used to weave jackets of a distinctly Tyrolean flavour full of unusual details, such as the coin-buttons that become cufflinks used for closing the lapels, rock and straw martingales that hug waistlines, and warm curly collars that protect against the cold.


Mammoth and dinosaur leathers, like a fossil preserved in the snow, make an appearance on jackets with a powerful, robust look, on the slopes of the Magic Mountains of Thomas Mann.


Suits in earth-colour jumbo corduroy, such as the "Sunday Suit" for wearing to the village fete with pride, blend Tyrolean embroidery with Himalayan folklore in icy white paisley.


When evening comes, the Paisley finds a golden rain on night-black jackets, suits in smooth velvet and corduroy, whilst the tuxedo is made still more sophisticated with collar details in fur.

How do you like the collection? Which are your favourite looks?

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Heather Fonseca hat gesagt…

It looks like you had a great time! Keep that invitation. It's great.

I like the clothes a lot, but I never see guys around here dressing like that. Runway looks for women always seem to trickle down to LA eventually, but the guys around here pretty much always dress the same. What's up with that?

Dress Code: High Fashion hat gesagt…

I guess Tweed, leather, fur and wool will never establish in L.A. due to the weather.

Guys in Milan in London dress like that - I`ve seen it!

Laura Connell hat gesagt…

What an awesome-looking show. You got some amazing shots! I like that it's not all black! They do get very creative with the invitations, I remember that from London FW. I also thought it was funny that they still mail them out when email is everybody's method of communication.

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