Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2011

Showroom: Belstaff, Milan, Men F/W 11/12

Belstaff invited me to their very cool & stylish showroom to check out the fall / winter 11/12 menswear during Fashion Week.


The collection is divided into two concepts; on the one hand, Belstaff`s Urban Mobility range combines style with new, eco-friendly must-haves related to the growth of the new world.


On the other, Belstaff`s Dangerous World mood addresses a world which could go dangerously close to self-destruction.


Urban Mobility mixes functionality and technology to engage with society`s positive trends. Natural fabrics, like 100% wool flannel, have ultra-thin micro-porous coatings, making them waterproof, yet breathable.


Many garments are waterproof in their own right. They are made of new-generation high-tech fabrics, which Belstaff has developed in alliance with leading textile manufacturers.


The Dangerous World range sees raw-edged coats, pea-jackets with crepe leather trims and details such as the new "self-cut" buttonholes.


It also features rubber tyre-effect pieces (a Belstaff exclusive), Vintage padded jackets and waxed moleskin blazers and jackets.


The brand`s attention to detail is seen in oxidised buttons and zips and perfectly matched self-found fabric linings, crepe leather reinforcements and carefully executed washes.


The collection also features sheepskin garments, which blend perfectly into this mood.


Lastly, biker jackets galore in homage to the brand`s origins, but this time "hard vintage".


Belstaff weaves its magic again: a great respect for tradition and history combined with awareness of our changing times.


Showroom Models




Picture source: my own pictures & Belstaff press

How do you like the collection?

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KellyJoy hat gesagt…

If I were a man, this is definitely the way I would like to dress! My favorite pieces are the deep red leather jacket and the lace up boots. Beautiful clothing!

Love your blog too--following:))

Heather Fonseca hat gesagt…

Ditto what KellyJoy said. If I were a guy I'd wear the entire collection. My favorite so far! Very wearable. I could see regular guys wearing those clothes.


classiq hat gesagt…

I love this. And I love the endless story Belstaff has had with Hollywood for so many decades, from Brando and McQueen to Leonardo DiCaprio.

KARNOSKI hat gesagt…

I love this blog!
now I'm following you
please comment and follow me back (:
keep in touch xOxO

crystal glamour hat gesagt…

love this collection so much :) amazing post

Valentine's Day Preparation Pt. 1:

Monique hat gesagt…

what the beautiful coats!

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