Samstag, 26. Februar 2011

London Fashion Week Discovery: Renaissance Life Jewellery

Renaissance Life is a swedish brand, that designs unique jewellery. All the jewellery in the collections has a special meaning and its own story, and are all named after different years.

Here is their wonderful F/W 11/12 Collection

“Time is an illusion” is engraved on the backside of this jewelry watch. Renaissance Life say that time is man-made and the only reality is the moment. This is something to think about.



Inside this playful Swedish-Russian doll you can find a smaller doll which reveals a silver plated heart necklace. This piece won “Best product fashion” at Top Drawer 2010.



This secret heart is a symbol of romance, passion and love. In the secret box you can keep a special message close to your heart.



The horseshoe has been a symbol for luck for generations. This horse shoe has taken inspiration from an 1890 original Swedish horseshoe. With this necklace you will make a statement at the same time as it keeps your good luck close.

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Which piece is your favourite?

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Dewliciouz hat gesagt…

love that jewelry watch :)
would u visit mine?
we can follow each other and be a friend

Kate Rose hat gesagt…

They all looks so delicate yet so strong

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