Mittwoch, 6. April 2011

Sad News: Christophe Decarnin leaves Balmain

Christophe Decarnin is leaving Balmain after spending five years as creative director. A successor has not yet been appointed.

"Since 1945, the house of Pierre Balmain has been one of the leading French and international luxury brands," Balmain ceo Alain Hivelin said today. "Christophe Decarnin's work with the house's design team contributed to the success that the brand has enjoyed in recent years."

Following Decarnin's absence at the autumn/winter 2011-12 Balmain show in March, we spoke to a label insider who rubbished rumours the designer was leaving. According to a spokesperson for the brand, Decarnin was signed off under doctor's orders.

Decarnin joined the French fashion house in 2005 as a designer before being made the creative director in November 2007. He is largely credited for introducing the rock and military-inspired look - characterised for the past few seasons by slim silhouettes in leather and sequins - that the label is currently known for.

While any of the rumour mill's suggested Dior successors, from Riccardo Tisci to Alber Elbaz to Stefano Pilati (read the ful story here), would be suitable candidates for the Balmain job - so far industry insiders suggest the fashion house will appoint an internal employee as its new creative director.


So sad to see the man who gave us five years of rocking, elegant & empowering fashion leave :((( .
Get well soon Christophe and PLEASE return to fashion-design to dress us in more rocking looks!

What are your parting words to Christophe Decarnin?

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Veshoevius hat gesagt…

Oh no!

GIAA hat gesagt…

Loved him, will certainly be missed!
Thanks for your lovely message ;)



Heather Fonseca hat gesagt…

That is sad! I could never afford the clothes myself, but I loved the look! Hopefully he'll start his own line so we can all see more.


Laura Connell hat gesagt…

I'd say thank you for inspiring us with some truly aspirational looks.

harelyE. hat gesagt…

hi, you have a really nice and inspiring blog.
Thanks for your lovely message at IFB :)

Fabiola hat gesagt…

It's heartbreaking, he was just great :(
I hope he's fine and he continues his career, he'll be missed

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