Freitag, 13. Mai 2011

Links a la Mode - this week`s 20 best blog posts voted by the Independent Fashion Bloggers

+ A Reason to be Fabulous: The classic white button-down remixed for work and play.
+ Best of Bklyn: The six shoes every girl should have for a complete shoe wardrobe.
+ Beyond Fabric: How to solve your hemming conundrums.
+ Boheme Noir: The 20 most pointless designer accessoires ever.
+ Brunette Blogging: Blogging Commandments — do’s and don’ts for bloggers.
+ By Anika:Colouring outside the lines, in fashion and in life.
+ Consider Me Lovely: Things I Now Know For Sure (lessons in blogging)
+ Dozen Dresses: The First-Timer’s Guide to Shopping In Paris
+ Decoding Dress: An open letter to Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist)
+ Finding Tokyo: Why do you blog? It’s not about numbers….it’s about the connection.
+ Grit & Glamour: Shots You Never Saw and What They Taught Me
+ HauteWorld: Harvey Nichols brings “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” to London.
+ Her Catwalk: 7 More Ways to Stop Impulse Spending
+ IFB: How to Break the Ice at Events
+ KP Fusion: Moment of Honesty: What’s the purpose of your blog?
+ Letters to Daria: Travel in style or comfort?
+ Lights So Bright: The difference between leopard and cheetah prints.
+ NY Don’t Leave Me: Tackling sandals and socks!
+ Shoeperwoman: The Trouble with Dresses
+ The Citizen Rosebud: The I.O.U. Project—a new online venture aiming to make a difference.
+ This Is A Yes: Alexander McQueen Exhibit at the Met


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