Freitag, 29. Juli 2011

Our Lord & Saviour Bags F/W 11/12

Our Lord & Saviour returns with its second collection keeping its
emphasis on sophisticated classic shapes with subtle touches of its acclaimed
controversial Christian iconography.

Olympus Teneo Clutch Shiny Black Python

Olympus Teneo Clutch Rose Gold Python

Olympus Teneo Clutch Sapphire Lizard

Olympus Teneo Clutch Natural Ring Lizard

Rosary Sac

Winged Putto Tote

Picture source: Our Lord & Saviour

Which bag is your favourite? How do you like the two new styles?

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Cláudia Tavares hat gesagt…

These are great bags, really original. Love the black one with the angels:)


Unknown hat gesagt…

Being that I’m a collector of rosaries I am very drawn to the 3rd bag. I've never heard of this designer before and I must say I am impressed by his work!

mycherrypicker hat gesagt…

I love the Winged Putto Tote, great texture!

Evelyn Halim hat gesagt…

I must say I love all the clutches, esp the first pic.
anw, thanks for your comment on mine.

xx stilettonizer

Angela Leberte hat gesagt…

Thanks for sending me your link on IFB!
Great blog!

For Those About To Shop hat gesagt…

These are incredible! I prefer the empty cross, however.

Cortney hat gesagt…

I would totally snag the Rosary Sac. Even though I'm an atheist, I totally appreciate my Catholic heritage. :)

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