Montag, 12. September 2011

This was Fashion`s Night Out Berlin 2011

1 - Vogue_FNO_2011_ Quartier 206_042
Quartier 206

1a - Vogue_FNO_2011_Iris Strubegger,Christiane Arp,Katrin Thormann_073
Vogue`s Christiane Arp (middle) with german models Iris Strubegger and Katrin Thormann at Quartier 206

2 - Vogue_Fashions_Night_Out_Berlin_Quartier 206_008
Quartier 206 entrance

4 - Vogue_FNO_2011_Armani _Katrin Thormann,Iris Strubegger_075
Katrin Thormann trying on sunglasses at Armani

5 - Vogue_FNO_2011_Lumas_084
'VOGUE – Covers & Stories' exhibition at gallery Lumas (Grünstr. 8)

6 - Vogue_Fashions_Night_Out_Berlin_Lumas_Historische Vogue-Cover von 1928_29_001
Vogue covers from 1928 / 1929 exhibited at gallery Lumas

7 - Vogue_Fashions_Night_Out_Berlin_Michael Michalsky in seinem Store am Potsdamer Platz_011
Designer Michael Michalsky in his store (Potsdamer Platz)

8 - Vogue_FNO_2011_The Corner_035
Vogue september cover and FNO charity bag at The Corner

9 - Vogue_FNO_2011_Katrin Thormann und Iris Strubegger_012
Katrin and Iris fighting over the limited FNO charity bag :)

99 - Vogue_FNO_2011_The Corner_034
Shuttle service

999 - Vogue_FNO_2011_Iris Strubegger016
Iris Strubegger with her Vogue september cover

999a - Vogue_FNO_2011_KaDeWe_Katrin Thormann,Christiane Arp, Iris Strubegger_123
Katrin Thormann, Christiane Arp and Iris Strubegger in front of KaDeWe

999b - Vogue_FNO_2011_KaDeWe.141
Late-night shoppers at Kaufhaus des Westens

999c - Vogue_FNO_2011_KaDeWe_Jennifer Ulrich,Anna Maria Mühe,Valerie Niehaus_137
Actresses Jennifer Ulrich, Anna Maria Mühe and Valerie Niehaus on the red carpet at KaDeWe

999d - Vogue_FNO_2011_Jil Sander_Katrin Thormann, Iris Strubegger_112
Katrin and Iris juggling at Jil Sander
Photos: © VOGUE

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Plami hat gesagt…

I wish I could be there or that at least we had a FNO in Bulgaria


Monique Bernardo hat gesagt…

Katrin is so beautiful, Iris is soo OLLLD

vdaygirl214 hat gesagt…

I would've loved to have attended FNO Berlin 2011! You're so lucky!

FASHION TALES hat gesagt…

Excellent photos. Looks like such a great time. :)

boyishchic hat gesagt…

Really great photos & fashion! Love the Vogue covers!!

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