Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2011

Runway Video: Gareth Pugh F/W 11/12

How do you like the collection?
Should fashion be more innovative again, f.e. in shapes and materials?
Is "avantgarde" still possible today (after so much has been invented already)?

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Rianna hat gesagt…

I LOVE this collection, thinking forwards is the way to go! Its super inovative and stylish

Rianna xxxx

gothified hat gesagt…

Very nice indeed. I think (good) fashion needs both innovation and traditional elements. Innovation to create and explore new directions, traditional elements to keep them from losing contact with what actually works. And Gareth Pugh seems to do both very well.

Alexander Sutulov hat gesagt…

We have been self indulged to believe fashion, design and art are one thing… This was probably the beginning of the end where proposition is more of an unpredictable nature inherent to fine art. Not until we have satisfied the filter of higher art, can fashion adopt a model to which can be humanly apprehensible. Many of the proposed shapes are recognizable and yet a dehumanized aspect seems to linger, an entrapment of hedonistic nature where individuals are divorced from their essence aspiring a common trend. This explicitness dictates a lack of will and all together, an absence of transcendence.
I would readdress your question by stating if we are ready to become humanized once again? An inner meaning which is part of a symbol, of an investiture capable of projecting a sense of playfulness and imagination associated to our most potent identity which is our own human dignity. This has been the historical hallmark costume and attire.
Avant-garde is a challenge to recreate a new world of higher complexities divorced from any temptation of self-reference thus, evading its consequence of falling into the sin of predictability. Be careful when a recognizable model becomes an entrapment and certain elements began to repeat themselves over and over again. Leave an open window and allow first of all, your models to behave, act upon accordingly to their own nature. The theatrical aspect of “marching zombies” is humanly disturbing and unappealing, unless the purpose of being is an ulterior one, beyond the concreteness of haute couture.
So yes we can eternally reinvent ourselves and yes we have the graciousness of exuding our humanity through fashion, my only observation is pay more attention when innovation becomes part of a forcible predicament.
Bottom line, I rescue many elements which are part of a ludic nomenclature where maybe the missing part is reassigning it to a true woman and a true man.

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