Donnerstag, 3. November 2011

Dior Homme F/W 11/12 Videos by Willy Vanderperre

Enfold / Unfold

The Wanderer

Ever since the Hedi Slimane era Dior Homme is the epitome of artistic, contemporary coolness. It represents a new kind of man, an intellectual, young, modern man who expresses his masculinity beyond the traditional gender roles. This fall collection is another excellent example for this attitude. It`s amazing how Willy Vanderperre makes the clothes look consistent with a stylish / urban setting and with a rural environment as well. I love the psychological tracking shots.

Same collection - two extremely different videos. Which one is your favourite and which one represents the collection best?

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Unknown hat gesagt…

Hi Jenny,
I like it, specially "The wandered video"
Look fashion-amish is really interesting to me.
Thanks for sharing!
New project in my utopiablog I invite you!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

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