Mittwoch, 16. November 2011

The first official John Galliano online store has launched


Check out the new John Galliano online store here

Galliano`s essence of energy and innovation inspires the ever-evolving narrative across the site. A rich world of imagination, glamour and modern muses from different eras, cultures and corners of the globe collide to create what is now available for the first time ever online.


The new site launches with the key pieces from the Galliano Fall 2011/12 RTW and Accessories collections for Men and Women. The site offers the complete range of Galliano cult favorites and signature pieces, making online shopping accessible to tempt you anytime, anywhere, worldwide.

Explore a site where every element is tailor-made to inspire its longtime fans and new customers. The site showcases rich product imagery, brand content and enhanced shopping features, such as “searchandising” – a dynamic merchandising tool driven from real time customer preferences – to provide a seamless, functional and superior shopping experience. Launching in English, the site is accessible globally and offers international shipping.

Pictures are property of John Galliano

3 Kommentare:

Heather Fonseca hat gesagt…

Fun! I've long loved his style. Glad to see his designs can be purchased on line now.

Coffee Cream and the Caffeine hat gesagt…

i LOVE Galliano... He's a genius :)

FashionTemptationBlog hat gesagt…

Wow!i am really happy about it, because he is my favorite;-))

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