Dienstag, 27. Dezember 2011

10 Coats & Accessories to keep you warm in style on New Year`s Eve

1 - bur winterstorms2
Burberry Winterstorms Cape

2 - cavalli-gloves
Roberto Cavalli Gloves

3 - westwood2
Vivienne Westwood Coat

4 - Joop
Joop Leather Gloves

5 - Burberry Winterstorms
Burberry Winterstorms Coat

6 - gaultier3
Jean Paul Gaultier Thigh High Boots

7 - west5
Vivienne Westwood Short Coat

8 - bur winterstorms3
Burberry Winterstorms Mink Cap

9 belstaff BrentIIParkaLady 2032
Belstaff Parka

99 westwood
Vivienne Westwood Scarf
Pictures are property of the respective brands

Which are your favourites? How will you keep warm on new year`s eve?

6 Kommentare:

The style confessions hat gesagt…

Hands down my favorite are the long knitted gloves. Second favorite that burberry cape. Fab!

Chirimirimoya hat gesagt…

I need to be rich.... I want them all!!
Happy New Year guapa!!

Be Inspired! - Susa hat gesagt…

I'll layer up as much as needed. Turns out quite a hefty bit. The weather forecast gives minus 12-18c for Quebec City, yikes! The long gloves are my faves!

Ashleys Passion for Fashion hat gesagt…

LOVE the Vivienne Westwood coat!!! Fabulous!!!

Deals That Expire Soon hat gesagt…

I like Vivienne Westwood Coat a lot.This would look fantastic on NYE...

thecriminallyexpensive hat gesagt…

Those Vivienne Westwood coats have to be the most beautiful coats I have ever seen!



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