Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012

Giles S/S 12 made with Swarovski Elements, Part 1/2

1 - Giles SS12 look 44

1 - Giles 001

2 - Giles SS12 look 32

3 - Giles 003

3 - Giles SS12 look 1

4 - Giles SS12 look 43

4 - Giles 014

5 - Giles SS12 look 41

5 - Giles 004

6 - Giles SS12 look 26

6 - Giles 010
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What a stunning collection! I`m impressed with the laser cut leathers and cascading feather creations. Giles Deacon is definitly one of the newer designers to watch. I love how he mixes innovation with opulence.

Which gown is your favourite?

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Be Inspired! hat gesagt…

Tempted by the audacity of the burning red, but if were to be invited to Hollywood hot nights out, would feel my inner Carrie Bradshaw" bloom the sweetest in the last! Feathers and powdery smooth silk dust. Oh la la!

Maya • Fashion Illustration blog hat gesagt…

You are right, it is a stunning collection I remember seing the red dress from above on Diana Argon on Golden Globes and everyone saying she is so so... I mean such a gorgeous dress cannot be so so in any possible option! :-) simply wonderful! :-)

Unknown hat gesagt…

That swan is extraordinary! Diana Agron wore that red laser cut dress to the Golden Globes and I really liked it... even though most were not a fan

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