Samstag, 31. März 2012

Season Favourite: Elie Saab`s Cocktail Dresses S/S 12










Pictures are property of Elie Saab.

Ladies and gentlemen, these are my favourite short dresses this season!
I love the colours. The mysterious and deep midnight blue, the optimistic dark green, the warm orange and the puristic white are serene and grown-up.
The dresses are not sexy, but GRACEFUL and this is an attitude we need to re-claim these days! Girls like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian have made the term "sexy" almost a swearword by mixing it with tackyness and brainlessness. They have destroyed everything our mothers fought for in the feminist movement and its up to us to undo this harm by representing a subtle, classy, clever and graceful femininity. We need dresses like these, that make us look attractive, not available! Dresses that show our beauty and curves but cover it. No unnecessary fuss, just classy, perfectly tailored dresses that allow our personality and beauty to shine.
I also love the "universal femininity" of the collection! The dresses will work on every woman age 15 to 60 and go well with all shades of skin and hair. The last reason I love the dresses is their wearability. They could really be worn by most of us at all evening occasions from having a cocktail with a friend to attending a party.

Which dress is your favourite? Which would you wear yourself?

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Unknown hat gesagt…

I loved all dresses!!!!
I liked very much this post...
The Eli Saab is great!!!!

Heather Fonseca hat gesagt…

I totally agree on all points. I thin I'd look best in the blue wrap dress but I love the white lace ones too. Beautiful!

melindaaa hat gesagt…

I love how elie saab always concentrates on just one color for each dress. it's fantastic. loving your blog!

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