Sonntag, 12. September 2010

Burberry Retail Theatre september 21st

Burberry is revolutionizing the concept of the runway show this september. The upcoming womens summer 2011 show, that is held in London on september 21st, will be brought to customers and buyers by the Burberry Retail Theatre.


There will be (invitation-only) In-store-Trunk-Shows with live-streaming to 25 Burberry stores in 15 countries worldwide. Participating flagship-stores are:

UK – New Bond Street, London
France – St. Germain, Paris
Germany – Berlin
Italy – Venice, Milan, Rome
USA – Boston, New York (57th St. und Soho), Beverly Hills, Costa Mesa, San Francisco
Canada – Bloor St., Toronto
Dubai – Dubai Mall
Turkey - Istanbul – Istinye Park
India – Mumbai
Japan – Omotesando, Tokio
China – Oriental Plaza Peking, Shanghai Westgate
Hongkong – Alexandra House
Taiwan – Mitsukoshi
Singapur – Ion Orchard
South korea – Galleria

Customers can order the items right from the show and will receive them after only 7 weeks, which means that they`ll be able to wear the summer collection in the end of november already, long before it hits the stores.


As a global, digital event the show can also be seen in a livestream on, your cell-phone, iPad or iPhone. You can also comment it in real-time on Facebook and Twitter.

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Veshoevius hat gesagt…

Yeah I heard about this. Quite revolutionary. Hah! If only I would ever be on an invite list for Burberry let alone be able to order anything!!

Dress Code: High Fashion hat gesagt…

Really a democratization of fashion. Everybody can watch the show live online (and I believe also order online from home).

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