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Emmanuelle Alt is Carine Roitfeld`s successor

Vogue Paris has just announced that Emmanuelle Alt will be taking the position of Editor in Chief.

As the Fashion Director of French Vogue for over ten years, she worked very closely with Carine and knows the job. She previously worked as a contributor at Mixte as well as spending five years as editor of 20 ans.

I guess she is the right one for the job, since she has been working for Vogue Paris for ten years and learned from Carine.
For the personal impression I must say that she is missing "that special glow", that Carine had, that bright smile (that was never dishonest). But maybe that is a question of age and life-experience and may still come with the years.
Style-wise I am PAINFULLY missing femininity here! Her androgynous style is cool and she pulls it off, but it`s not versatile. It`s ok that she rocks the skinny pants and blazers but she could at least accessorize!
I don`t like it when fashion editors go for "minimalistic black" only, they should LOVE fashion and should wear some of the cool, new things that come every season. I`m not saying they need "to go Lady Gaga", but show at least that they know fashion and know how to wear it (which can be done in a very subtle way). This "all black cool" sometimes even appears like a rejection of fashion to me, like a "Yeah, I work in fashion but I`m too cool to wear it myself" attitude. Ladies, the "to cool for school attitude" is so 90s and SO OVER! Show some appreciation, please!

Do you approve of her? Do you like her and her style?

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ThePinkMonocle hat gesagt…

she looks fierce! I think it's too early for me to comment, but from the above pics, she rocks some nice looks! I'm loving the leather pants and leopard coat!

WobiSobi hat gesagt…

I have to agree. Where is the Classy Women look, I like fierce once in a while, but she always looks the same. Not sure If I like this pick, I guess we will see.

Deb hat gesagt…

I must say that I love her style. Im pretty androgynous myself so I get where she is coming from but I definitely see where you are coming from as well. Being a bit more daring would be expected from an editor in chief, specially when we are talking about Vogue Paris. Great Post BTW!!

from My Next Obsession

Dress Code: High Fashion hat gesagt…

Carine also looked fierce in her strappy heels or overknees - but she wore either a feminine dress or a chic coat with them. She was the perfect example that edgy and classic work perfectly together.

I think a more classic haircut could "glam up" Emanuelle as well.

kellina hat gesagt…

Boheme Noir, you articulate so many of my feelings! While Emmanuelle is certainly cool she lacks a certain elegance and she never varies from her strict formula for style, in her own fashion choices and in her editorials. Great post!

Veshoevius hat gesagt…

I actually really love her style! It suits her and its strikes me she is the sort of woman who has honed down her dressing and style to a fine art rather than choosing to be a style chameleon. I like my editors to be flamboyant and experimental too and Carine really was something special. But lets face it, being a style chameleon of the likes of Anna Della Russo needs a certain kind of personality to be able to pull off. Emmanuelle doesn't strike me as that kind of woman and that kind of dressing maybe wouldn't work for her so she avoids it, fair enough - as long as her editorial work is good and adventurous - she does have much younger children than Carine so I imagine she needs a formulaic, simpler approach to dressing just to get out of the house on time!

SO WHAT LOVELY? hat gesagt…

I love your blog!, gorgeous photos!

xx, cynthia

Comtesse de ferveur hat gesagt…

I kinda like Emmanuelle's lo-fi style; she's really honed her look. It's also very accessible chic, which is no bad thing in a powerful editor.
xx Comtesse xx

Anonym hat gesagt…

Working in fashion, you learn simple is best because it works for almost every situation. That's why a lot of editors and publicists wear all black. I'm excited to see what Emanuelle will do as EIC, but obvious;y, Carine will be missed.

Alma hat gesagt…

Finally, I was dying to read an oppinion about Emmanuelle. Cause everybody was just congratulating her for the job. True, she's missing that spark and she's more like a man than a woman. I would like to see that she's really the editor in chief for Voge, to try to get out of the box a bit. I saw a documentary about Carine and she was so bubbley and fresh. We are living in an era when an editor in chief need to be also an inspiration for readers.

Laura Connell hat gesagt…

I agree she is missing the femininity and effortless glamour for which French women are known. Not only androgynous but also more youthful which is a bit disappointing. Perhaps they are going after a younger market. Although personal style is maybe not most important in a fashion editor, just as a good hair dresser can have a bad hair style?

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