Freitag, 14. Januar 2011

Video: Lanvin S/S 11

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classiq hat gesagt…

fantastic collection!

Nesha hat gesagt…

Awesome video, thanks for posting this!


akashisko hat gesagt…

This collection is simply stunning! Karlie's dress are unbelievable, great color!

Maya • Fashion Illustration blog hat gesagt…

Hey lovely two things.
1. I tagged you in my new post. I know u usually don't do personal posts, but if you can squeeze it in it would be fun
2. Am trying to find some kinda video of the Burberry prefall. Still nothing, but tought that maybe you had something. If you know where I can see it just tweet me or something. :-)thhhhxxxx!!!xx


Laura Connell hat gesagt…

Oh Lanvin! I love the combination of structured and flowy, the mad accessories and interesting use of flats. Also the rich earthy hues and splashes of bold colour. It's so romantic.

Not Specified hat gesagt…

Love the silohettes, very godess-like :P hat gesagt…

oh the accessories! I love anything with bug motifs. OBSESSING.

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