Dienstag, 25. Januar 2011

Showroom: Burberry, Milan, Men F/W 11/12

Burberry invited me to check out the Men`s Fall-Winter 11-12 Collection in their beautiful Milan Showroom on january 17th.

The collection`s title is "Burberry Weather Boys - A coat for all seasons", designed by Christopher Bailey.

This fall / winter`s colours range from black, dark charcoal, mid grey mélange, ink, thistle blue, bright royal blue, bright teal blue to mid brown, dark clove brown, loam, camel, honey, primary red, bright amber, tangerine, bright caper and natural white.

The fabrics are several types of wool, tweeds and twills, wool-backed brushed checks to fur, nylons, spongehand camel hair coating and sculptural doeskin.

Contrasting silhouettes dominate the looks; Oversize sculptural outerwear, blanket coats, tailored sculptural coats, oversize sculptural duffle coats, oversize leather-bound quilted duffle coats, cropped sculptural duffle jackets, cropped hooded quilted blousons, shrunken patch pocket blousons, cable knitwear and cropped contrast panel t-shirts are worn to slim leg trousers.

Ultra-soft Jaguar-printed mink is used for fur coats and fur caps.

Luxurious, spacious tote bags in alligator leather with wood details are a Must-Have for men this season.

Tailored, sculptural fur and wool coats with leather details combine the finest materials to create luxurious outerwear.

Thick profile soles make this season`s shoes chic and weather-proof. Details range from black leather with white rubber soles, leather tasselles, amber rubber soles and nylon & leather low-top trainers.


This season`s mens bags are blanket felt leather-trimmed large totes, nylon leather-trimmed tote bags, canvas leather-trimmed holdalls, tote bags and travel bags, dégradé alligator wood detail holdalls and tote bags, leather- trimmed fur tote bags and holdalls, sprayed alligator wood detail briefcases, canvas leather-trimmed wood detailing briefcases and faceted aviator sunglasses.


Coats in different colours of blanket check wool are the trendiest and youngest pieces of the collection.


Picture source: my own pictures

How do you like it? Are you loving the alligator bags and thick soles like I do?

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Maya • Fashion Illustration blog hat gesagt…

Such heaven. I like that their clothes looks so "rich"... not Miami rich, but old money rich. :-)


Laura Connell hat gesagt…

Oh, Burberry. How do I love thee let me count the ways. As usual it oozes class, luxury and practicality. If I had an endless bank account I would simply live in Burberry. For now, I go to the store and just breathe in the beauty.

Anonym hat gesagt…

One of the best quality I love for men suits is wool / wool suits.

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