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Showroom: Nicole Farhi, Milan, Men F/W 11/12

My invitation

The Showroom

Minimalist industrial design

Models presenting the collection

Stunning german Newcomer-Model Richard Kranzin


The Collection pays tribute to Nicole Farhi`s long-standing heritage, reinterpreting the House’s signature trademarks – soft construction, natural fabrics and iconic outerwear – into a new contemporary luxury for men.


Traditional British textures such as Donegal tweed, Houndstooth and Herringbone are worked unexpectedly with linen into outerwear and tailoring. Detailing takes its inspiration from the sartorial traditions of Saville Row, to create sharp silhouettes with a soft construction and continental styling.


Outerwear combines bonded leather with wool and dense linen, and is moulded into iconic shapes such as the crombie and the trench. The show opens with melton wool coats, over-laid with detachable parkas in soft stone leather and waxed charcoal linen. The technique of fusing fabrics is also used in a leather parka bonded with linen, linen knitwear with needle-punched wool, and cable knitted wool jumper and peacoat with technical interlining. Luxurious texture is created with cashmere, alpaca and leather knitwear in rich ones.


The colour palette, inspired by the figurative painter Egon Schiele, of grey, charcoal and black is punched with indigo and cassis, olive and tobacco.


It`s the first collection of Massimo Nicosia, who became Head of Menswear for the brand’s Nicole Farhi and Farhi by Nicole Farhi collections in december 2010. Previously, Massimo headed the Menswear collections at Pringle of Scotland and Alessandro Dell’Acqua.
Nicole Farhi said of the appointment, ‘I am delighted to have Massimo as part of the team. As an Italian, he will bring a continental element to the Menswear collection, which I am very excited about. He has a sensibility very close to mine and we really understand each other.’


‘I am thrilled to be starting this new venture with Nicole and the team’ said Massimo. ‘I look forward to working with a brand that has a strong heritage and is known for its understated richness, through luxurious fabrics and detailing. The new collection will be taking this forward by applying innovative techniques to natural fabrics and knitwear, and developing a sharp silhouette with a soft construction’.


An amazing collection, so chic, contemporary and wearable!

Top 10 Picks

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Picture sources: My own pictures & Nicole Farhi Press

How do you like the collection? Are you as impressed with the amazing details as I am?

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Suzin S hat gesagt…

I really like the simplicity of the entire show, and love the detailing and textures of the collection as well! this looks brilliant :)

Heather Fonseca hat gesagt…

You know, of all the men's collections you've shown this week I think this is my favorite. It seems the most wearable! As for my other thoughts, see my message to you on facebook!


Cali C hat gesagt…

Looks nice... if I was a male I'd be all over this.

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nesha hat gesagt…

Such an interesting post! And the invitation looks so swirly and pretty and cool! hehe. I love the colours. So simple.


aime-roo crew hat gesagt…

I love Nicole Farhi, so jelous!
The location of it goes really well with collection if I must say.. And YES, those details are amazing! The coat in the third top 10 picks picture is amazing, aswell as the parka on the last pic...which one should I pick? I

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