Donnerstag, 24. Februar 2011

Links a la Mode - this week`s 20 best blog posts voted by the Independent Fashion Bloggers

- 365 Fashion Rehab: Makeup Makeover: Condensing Your Beauty Must-Haves
- A Scottish Lassie Loves: Bright Pick Me Ups for a Rainy Day
- Boheme Noir: The Best Vogue Covers of the 80′s and 90′s
- By Anika: Why Nude Swimming is Next for this Curvy Fashionista
- Chi Chi Bella: The 60′s: Fashion at its Classiest
- Fashables: Is it possible to get turned on by a pair of shoes?
- Fashion Limbo: Real Vintage vs. Fake Vintage
- Fashionista Next Door: A Free Alternative to Photoshop
- From London With Style: From London Fashion Week – Why Brits are Best
- Grit & Glamour: Tips for Surviving the IFB Conference
- Holier than Now: 8 (Actually Stylish) Backpacks Under $50
- IFB: Proenza Schouler Video: Fashion Bloggers Create an “Extraordinary Impact”
- It Hunter: Gary Winogrand: Women Are Beautiful
- Notes From A Stylist: On Surviving the Marc Jacobs Press Pit
- Songs and Fairy Tales: 60 Day No Shopping Challenge!
- Statements in Fashion: My Weight Loss Success Story
- The Fashion Pawn: Optimizing Your Blog Layout
- The New Wave: The top five most creative presentations from NY Fashion Week
- The Citizen Rosebud: Must-Watch Fashion Bloggers over 40
- The Button Owl: The Hottest Hair from NYFW
- Vanja Stance: An Awesome 80′s Nails Tutorial


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the Citizen Rosebud hat gesagt…

There are sooo many good posts on this list, and I am honored to have made it this week. Whooo-hoot!

Laura Connell hat gesagt…

Burberry really rocked it this season with the rain finale. I love Kate Bosworth's studded dress but I always feel sorry for her when I see her photos. I can't say why. She seems like she's trying so hard and maybe anorexic.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Thanks for sharing our post.


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