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London Fashion Week Discovery: JoAnne Stoker Shoes

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet lovely Shoedesigner JoAnne Stoker and her amazing shoes.


In 2009 Joanne graduated from the prestigious Cordwainers College, London College of Fashion.
She debuted her MA collection at the Mall Gallery and Broadwick Street, after being shortlisted for many major design competitions including ITS International, Italy sponsored by YKK, First Into Fashion headed by Jimmy Choo and Melanie Rickey Editor of Grazia Magazine and Footwear Friends Design Award. With great success in these design competitions Joanne was then given the opportunity to start her own shoe label with mentoring from Jimmy Choo the Master himself.
The London based shoe designer then went on to showcase her designs at her glam pop-up shop in Cannaught Village W2, next to the Jimmy Choo Couture for six months, while preparing to launch her collection during London Fashion Week 2010.

The F/W 11/12 "Empire States" Collection


The collection is inspired by the angular elegance of classic Art Deco, pushing the boundries of avantgarde sculpture in footwear.
Influenced by complex Art Deco architecture, Joanne has uniquely handcrafted Plexiglas heels to replicate masterpieces from the New York skyline. Fascinated with the ornate interiors of such buildings, she has taken inspiration from the marble and precious stones used in graphic floor patterns, furnishings and stained glass windows to embellish the collection and to inlay the gravity-defying wedges with contrasting precious stones of malachite and amber.

Picture source: my own pictures

My favourites from her Summer 2011 Collection





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Which are your favourite JoAnna Stoker shoes?

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I am in LOVE with the Flemenco!!! Beautiful!

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Great post.

I think you'll like this.

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Amazing find! Thank you for sharing this wonderful talent. Mainly in Europe is this type of creativity in fashion embraced.

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