Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

Fashion Show Coverage: Etro Men S/S 12 (june 20th 2011)

1 - invitation
The invitation was a sailing boat this season.

1a - venue0
Outside Palazzo del Ghiaccio

2 - anna2
Anna dello Russo before the show

2a - venue
Inside the Etro`s sea of blue.

3 - runway
Maritime shadow play opening the show.

5 - runway3
It felt like being by the sea with the sand-coloured runway, white seats and blue background.

5a - runway8
The runway had a center surrounded by two circles, which made watching slightly confusing, especially when you sat in the middle, outer circle, like I did.

6 - runway7
The finale

8 - after-show3
Your favourite blogger after the show.

9 - after-show
Model waiting for his driver after the show. Yeah, strike a pose, baby.

Pictures: my own pictures

Watch the full show

I LOVE the club blazers, checks and dots! Sophisticated and fun at once. The print-mix really works! Etro has, once again, shown a classy, traditional, young and very fashionable collection. BRAVO!

How do you like the collection?

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Lotus Blossom Design hat gesagt…

hello...thanks for the front row seat...yes i do like the collection. I am loving the blazers!!
ps..Also loving the pic of you, very beautiful :) have a great day!

ICON.OH.LOGY hat gesagt…

Loveeeee your Blog! I found you from Lookbook! anyway loads of interesting info!!! I'm become your new follower!!

Monique Bernardo hat gesagt…

Wow, great collection

Barbara Tommasin hat gesagt…

Lovely outfit you chose!

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