Samstag, 20. August 2011

Season Favourite: Louis Vuitton F/W 11/12 Video

How breath-taking, gorgeous & perfect is this collection!?! 40s, military, white peter pan collars, corsets, pencil skirts, overknees, fur, leather, clutch bags, mary-janes - all my favourite elements in one collection! Sex-appeal and class have never been combined more consistant & tasteful! Marc Jacobs designer-credibility is officially restored!

PS: Kate is the queen, of course. Femme Fatales are traditionally linked to smoking, yes...but was Kate`s smoking on the runway really necessary? Yay or nay for that?

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Ashleigh Duncan hat gesagt…

Love this collection! Yay to Kate smoking on the runway. She's a legend and a bad ass so she can!


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verychiclist hat gesagt…

I asked myself the same thing. No, I think no.
To be sexy You don't need to smoke...

Plami hat gesagt…

This blew my mind!

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Dress Code: High Fashion hat gesagt…

I agree with you verychiclist. Smoking is so 90s and so over. It`s not even cool on Kate.

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