Donnerstag, 1. September 2011

Top 10 Picks: Burberry Nude Collection Ready to wear

Burberry celebrates today`s launch of the new 'Burberry Body' fragrance in 150 countries with the 'Nude' collection, consisting of trenchcoats, bags, shoes and accessories in nude tones.

Top 10 picks trenchcoats
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4. 4 - Burberry Body Rose Gold Trench Coat
Rose Gold Trenchcoat from the Burberry Body Ad with Rosie
5. 5
6. 6
7. 7
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9. 9
10. 99

Pictures: © Burberry

How beautiful and perfect are these trenches!?! Amazing how Christopher Bailey keeps perfectioning his -already stunning- trenchcoats. I love that they come in leather, suede leather and fur too.

Which one is your favourite?

6 Kommentare:

Rianna hat gesagt…

the fur one is brilliant! Thats deffo my fave

Rianna xxx

Kate hat gesagt…

Ahh sooo beautiful. #7! I just want to curl up in it.
Thanks for the love on IFB (:


Filipa hat gesagt…

Perfection!! all we need in a rainy day ;) Filipa

Heather Fonseca hat gesagt…

I want the leather one! Don't think it will happen, but I would love to wear that leather trench. Fabulous.

For Those About To Shop hat gesagt…

This is what Burberry does best. Nobody can touch them for the classic trench.

Plami hat gesagt…

These are all so beautiful!


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