Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

Top 10 Picks: John Galliano Man S/S 12










Pictures are property of John Galliano

Preppy or black? Make your choice.

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Megan hat gesagt…

I'll take the third from the top, with the square jaw.

Oh, was I supposed to look at the clothes?

gothified hat gesagt…

I like number 8 though I'm not sure wjy he has to have the shirt open...

Dress Code: High Fashion hat gesagt…

@gothified: he`s got the shirt open because it`s a runway show and he is a 20-year-old french model ;) The shirt is probably plain and it was "more effectful" like that ;)

gothified hat gesagt…

It's to get more elderly women to the menswear fashion shows? ;)
In my opinion it would have been better for the outfit to have maybe one button closed. The show is about clothes, not about half nude guys. Mind, I'm not in any way against nudity, I just think it kinda defies the purpose of a fashion show, to distract the audience from the clothes... ;)

Nuar hat gesagt…

Hey, Jenny! I'm glad to have discovered your blog thanks your friendship request in, because it's very enjoyable and inspirational!I value great style, and you sure have it, girl! As for this post, I can't fully make up my mind: both Galliano's proposals have their own appeal.
I'm already your follower, and if you like my blog, I'd be thrilled to have you among mines. XOXO, María José

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