Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2012

Top 10 Picks: Roberto Cavalli Pre-SS12

1 - Roberto Cavalli PreSS12_41

2 - Roberto Cavalli PreSS12_37

3 - Roberto Cavalli PreSS12_39

4 - Roberto Cavalli PreSS12_35

5 - Roberto Cavalli PreSS12_31

6 - Roberto Cavalli PreSS12_38

7 - Roberto Cavalli PreSS12_23

8 - Roberto Cavalli PreSS12_22

9 - Roberto Cavalli PreSS12_24

99 - Roberto Cavalli PreSS12_26
Pictures are property of Roberto Cavalli

Which look is your favourite?

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Unknown hat gesagt…

It's hard to chose! I would pick the top look for evening of course, but any of the other looks (except the red ones--too bright for me) I'd wear!

xo Mary Jo

emma hat gesagt…

beautiful looks :)

Heather Fonseca hat gesagt…

It's all so fabulous! I don't think I would really wear any of the, myself, but I think they're beautiful.

Anonym hat gesagt…

as a fan of blue color, I'd go with the 2 last looks!!

Heather hat gesagt…

Such a beautiful collection! Love all of these looks, especially that black dress and that red outfit!

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