Sonntag, 12. Februar 2012

Viktor & Rolf S/S 12 made with Swarovski elements

V & R SS12

2 - V_R SS12 look 17 closeup

2a - Viktor _ Rolf 022

2b - V_R SS12 look 40 closeup

V & R SS12

V & R SS12

V & R SS12

8 - V_R_WCDS12_027

V & R SS12

V & R SS12

V & R SS12
Photos © Peter Stigter, courtesy of Swarovski

How do you like the collection?

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Corner Curl Girl hat gesagt…

I love this collection!! :)

Anonym hat gesagt…

I liked the blue headscarf in the fifth picture. The blues in the sixth were rich. I liked the black bracelet in the seventh, and the shoes in the last picture were so nice. The jeweled touch wasn't cheap looking. Lovely collection.

Emanuel I. hat gesagt…

In my oppinion the colab with Swarowsky wasn't really succesfull.

Charm D. hat gesagt…

I love this post!! The dresses the colors!!
Extremely Beautiful! :)

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