Freitag, 30. März 2012

Alexander McQueen Jewelery S/S 12

1 - silver - coloured pearls
Coloured pearls in silver

2 - silver - pearl wave
Pearl Wave in silver

3 - gold - coloured pearl
Coloured pearls in gold

4 - gold - pearl wave
Pearl Wave in gold

5 - gold - skull
Skull in gold

6 - skull print
Classic skull print in gold or silver

7 - rose gold - colored pearls
Coloured pearls in rose gold

8 - rose gold - pearl skull
Pearl Skull in rose gold

9 - rose gold - shell skull
Shell Skull in rose gold

99 - rose gold - skull
Skull in rose gold
Pictures are property of Alexander McQueen

What is your precious metal of choice? Which design is your favourite?

6 Kommentare:

Unknown hat gesagt…

I love gold, personally. I love the necklace and the largest ring for the pearl wave in gold I covet I covet

Vintage Pixie in Denim hat gesagt…

I love the play with skulls and different aspects of the ocean. There were seashells and the pearl waves looked like coraly to me. So beautiful. The freedom of summer mixed with the edge of the skulls

Kelly Dillon hat gesagt…

Amazing jewelry! I'm obsessed!!

Heather Fonseca hat gesagt…

Oh my gosh these are crazy fabulous!!!! I love the first set, the silver and pearls. I'm not normally into sculls but I would make an exeption for that little scull necklace. And the cuffs, I love the cuffs!

Bric et Broc hat gesagt…

Wow ! The pearl wave jewels are absolutely stunning in silver !!!! <3


Jackie Steen hat gesagt…

Looove these accessories! New follower :)

Jackie x

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