Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

Christmas Giveaway: win a Cheap Monday Shirt or a Monki Scarf -EXPIRED -

Cheap Monday - Carolina Skull Tee (black, size S)

Monki - Rianna Scarf (gray)

There will be two winners, one wins the Monki scarf, another the Cheap Monday shirt.
Everybody who follows Boheme Noir on either Twitter or Facebook or Blogspot (your choice) can enter (only one entry per person).
Comment to win:
Name: - your first name-
I follow on: - post Twitter or Facebook or Blogspot here -
E-Mail address: - your e-mail here -

Giveaway Terms
- Deadline is december 20th 2010, midnight, central european time.
- The winners will be drawn by random number generator (your number is your posting`s number. If you`re the third person to comment you are number 3 and so on.) Screenshots of the drawn numbers and the winner`s number are published in this post on december 21st. I will contact the winners by e-mail on december 20th for the shipping address. Worldwide shipping of the items is payed by Boheme Noir.

Winner of the Cheap Monday Shirt is number 13, Elisabetta.
Winner of the Monki Scarf is number 9, Kirstin.

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Patricia hat gesagt…

Bloglovin (does that count?)!

Febriani Djunaedi hat gesagt…

my name is febriani. i have follow your blogspot,facebook.
email :
love the cheap monday shirt :)

Olimpia Elide B. hat gesagt…

I love skulls, like in Alexander McQueen clothes..:) The scarf is trés chic.

First Name: Olimpia
I'm following on: Twitter, Blogspot, and Facebook.

Let's Try! ;D Have a good day,

web-o-lina hat gesagt…

heey:) nice blog! and i love the idea on the giveaway! Rianna scarf looks really attractive:) well, my name is Jelena Dimitrijevic,
i follow you on twitter and facebook,
and my email address is

Anonym hat gesagt…

Great giveaway!

My name is Ana, I follow on Bloglovin.

HannaV hat gesagt…

Name: Hanna
I follow on:!/fashiondraft
E-Mail address:

Burcin hat gesagt…

Uuuh wow both pieces are very pretty : D

Name: Burcin
I follow on: Twitter
E-Mail address:

marianne hat gesagt…

Name: marianne
I follow on: bloglovin
E-Mail address:

real nice <3

Unknown hat gesagt…

Hi! Great giveaway :)

Name: Kirstin
Follow on: Twitter & Bloglovin'

Kirstin Marie

Unknown hat gesagt…

I follow on Facebook.

Love that SCARF!!!

Meg.Meh.P. hat gesagt…

I am: Megha Puri
I follow you on: Facebook, twitter and blogspot.
twitter; @megmehp
blogspot; meg.meh.p.
My email:

Thanks so much for the lovely giveaway!


P.S. I love the scarf. :)

Compassion Fashion hat gesagt…

My name is Meredith Cavaness Corning and I am the editor for The Compassion Fashion Project blog.

I just started following you at Twitter and you are my new friend on IFB, too (I'm new both places).

My email is

P.S. I love your profile pic...very Noir! Very Fab!~Meredith

We are focused on fashion for a cause at The Compassion Fashion Project and looking fantastic while doing it.

wobblinbetty hat gesagt…

what a fab giveaway!!!! I want to win both ehehe :)

Name: Elisabetta
I follow on: Twitter - wobblinbetty
E-Mail address:

maya hat gesagt…

I am Maja, I follow you on bloglovin and IFB.
My email:
Ta x

eelectroCutee hat gesagt…

great giveaway!!!
my name: kartika
follow you through GFC

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