Donnerstag, 29. September 2011

Salvatore Ferragamo S/S 12

My invitation




A sophisticated combination of rainbow spanning warm hues - deep magenta and cardinal red to joyful pink and sun-kissed orange - and an exploration of cool colors - cobalt blue and teal turquoise interspersed with lightning bolts of dark violet or the calming, neutral tones of khaki, lemon yellow and gold.


Naturally chic in clothes that favour drapes, knots and torchons, she wears long, shoulder-less or single shoulder dresses, sometimes tied at the neck with the nonchalance of a pareu, and caressed by the soft fluidity of silk twill and printed chiffon. Her sense of style is eclectic and refined, combining amphora trousers in silky fabrics, detailed with a torchon at the waist, and complimented by a voluminous top baring 3D animalier embroidery in the form of tiny baguettes. She wears masculine tailored jackets with a dazzling micro-sequinned top or with lacquered knitwear, creating a sophisticated flow of movement. In the evening, she shifts from the voluminous consistency of lurex crochet dresses adorned with chain applications to laminated chiffon styles that slide against the body like molten metal, showing glimpses of bare skin.


The luxurious sensuality of gold is the leitmotif of this collection. On her feet, an arabesque-like interweaving of strips of prestigious leather recalls the constructions of some of Salvatore Ferragamo’s most famous creations. A grooved heel – from a 1935 archive model - or a sky high heel entirely wrapped in leather both confer timeless elegance on jewel toned sandals with gilt soles.


Stemming from an unique blend of contemporary allure and the culture of tradition, the collection exudes a sense of exclusiveness for the journey the Salvatore Ferragamo woman will embrace in Spring/Summer 2012.

Picture sources: first picture: my own. All others: courtesy of Ferragamo.

The strong red, purple and colour-blocking combined with cool 70s cuts and retro-elegance blew my mind! Definitly one of my fave S/S 12 collections.

How do you like the return of 70s glamour?

PS: Huge, exclusive backstage report to follow sunday!

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Plami hat gesagt…

this is so cool! I hope someday I will be invited as well :)

I am so happy the elegant 70s glamour is returning:)


verychiclist hat gesagt…

I loved this collection and Salvatore Ferragamo in general, it's an assured anchor of style against this wild crazy world of fashion where there are lots of unwearable(!)things.
It's classic but fresh and wearable and is true made in Italy (and I see also an inspiration by YSL work). Def it's one of my fave ever.

verychiclist hat gesagt… jealous of this inviteeeee!:)

Anonym hat gesagt…

I want that invite so bad, you are so lucky!

I reccomended this post on my blog, hope you are fine with that:

//Bliss Fusion

Heather Fonseca hat gesagt…

Love it! I'm not sure I'd wear it, but I love the look. How fun to have gone to the show!


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